Hello Transformer Technicians.

Please read these documents and the disability and healthcare notes. Thank you

Siemens LOU

Siemens PTO

To see this PTO information, you have to go on AskHR, click on Policies & Programs, click on PTO Policy, click on HR66, and there are also FAQ’s there.


Short-Term Disability benefits will be provided to eligible Employees in accordance with all applicable State and Federal Laws.  An Employee approved for Short-Term Disability Benefits, in accordance with the Siemens Short-Term Disability Plan, will receive 100% of their normal weekly pay while on disability for 2-9 weeks and 66 2/3% for 10-26 weeks.


The healthcare is split in two places….

First go on to AskHR, click on Polices & Programs, close to the bottom of the page click on Short Term Disability, and there is an FAQ page.

Then go back out and go on to AskHR, click on Benefits, click on Short Term Disability (may be listed as STD) for the numbers we saw which should reflect 100% from weeks 2 thru 7.

This AskHR is only accessible to Siemens employees.

Erin Kennedy from Siemens HR is available for questions at 470-292-0247


Thank you

In solidarity

Rob Axford