NC Primary results

The North Carolina primaries on Tuesday  gave leading campaigns an edge, but dealt a blow to those looking for a big win.  Hillary Clinton led in the Democratic race for the Presidency, garnering 54.6% of the vote, to rival Bernie Sanders’ 40.8%. Donald Trump squeaked by his Republican competition in the state as well, with 40.2% of the vote. The next leading Republican candidate for president in the state was Ted Cruz, with a close 36.8% .

For the US Senate race, Deborah Ross easily beat her Democratic challengers in the primary race with greater than 60% of the vote. She will challenge incumbent Republican Richard Burr for  North Carolina’s senate seat in the US Congress in November. Current  North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper will also face Incumbent Republican Pat McCrory in the Gubernatorial race, running as a Democrat. The AFL-CIO has endorsed both Deborah Ross for Senate, and Roy Cooper for governor.