Benefits Information

FMCP – COVID-19_March 2020

IBEW/ NECA Family Medical Care Plan
Administrator – Anthem BC/BS
Toll Free-1-877-937-9602 and ask for customer service. Fax: 706-841-7000                        410 Chickamauga Ave. Suite 301 Rossville, GA 30741

To check your insurance hours go to:

To log in: 

Enter your username: SS# (no spaces or dashes)

The password is your birthday: year/month/day + your zip code (no spaces or dashes, see example) 2010092735235


Vision Plan: VSP (Vision Service Plan)
1-800-877-7195 or (to find a VSP doctor)

Dental: Metlife
1-800-942-0854 or

Prescriptions: Save-RX
1-866-233-4239 or

If any of the plans say your insurance has expired, you should call the Administrators to see why.

Note: Changes are coming to all Insurance plans for 2017. Information is posted about the plans in PDF form below, as well as a glossary defining the terms used throughout.

sbc-2017-plan-15s-single ( Insurance plan for single person)

sbc-2017-plan-15 ( Family Insurance plan)

sbc-2017-plan-15-retiree ( Retiree Insurance plan)

smm-all-plans-eff-1-1-2017 ( A quick summary of changes to ALL plans;  Changes to each plan differ slightly.)

sbc-uniform-glossary ( A  helpful dictionary of terms used in each explanation of benefit changes. If you find something you don’t understand, use this as a quick reference.)


Inside Pension Plans:

NEBF( National Electric Benefit Fund)- 301-556-4300/ fax: 301-556-0100/

Carolina Electrical Workers benefit Fund (managed by Compusys, Inc.) Toll-free: 855-366-2083/ fax:801-401-2732. 2156 West 2200 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119. Contact person: Julie B.

Outside Construction Health Plan


821 Parkview Boulevard,

Lombard, IL 60148


Outside Construction Pension:

Southern Electrical Retirement Fund

3928 Volunteer Dr. Chattanooga, TN 37416