Benefits Information

FMCP – COVID-19_March 2020

IBEW/ NECA Family Medical Care Plan

Toll Free-1-877-937-9602 and select #1 from the automated attendant.

Fax: 706-841-7020                        

410 Chickamauga Ave. Suite 301 Rossville, GA 30741

To check your insurance hours go to:

To log in: 

Enter your username: SS# (no spaces or dashes)

The password is your birthday: year/month/day + your zip code (no spaces or dashes, see example) 2010092735235

NECA Administers for Blue Cross/Blue Shield Anthem

BCBS toll free – 800-810-2583 or

Vision Plan: VSP (Vision Service Plan)
1-800-877-7195 or (to find a VSP doctor)

Dental: Metlife
1-800-942-0854 or

Prescriptions: Save-RX
1-866-233-4239 or

If any of the plans say your insurance has expired, please call the Administrators to determine why.

Information is posted about the plans in PDF form below, as well as a glossary defining the terms used throughout.

sbc-2017-plan-15s-single ( Insurance plan for single person)

sbc-2017-plan-15 ( Family insurance plan)

sbc-2017-plan-15-retiree ( Retiree insurance plan)

sbc-uniform-glossary ( A  helpful dictionary of terms used in each explanation of benefit changes. If you find something you don’t understand, use this as a quick reference.)

Inside Pension Plans:

NEBF (National Electric Benefit Fund) 301-556-4300/ fax: 301-556-0100/

Carolina Electrical Workers Retirement Fund (managed by Compusys, Inc.)

Toll-free: 855-366-2083/ fax:801-975-1342

2156 West 2200 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84119. Contact person is Morgan (ext.195)

Outside Construction Health Plan


821 Parkview Boulevard,

Lombard, IL 60148


Outside Construction Pension:

Southern Electrical Retirement Fund

3928 Volunteer Dr. Chattanooga, TN 37416