About W, Rob Axford

Rob was sworn in as a member of the IBEW Local 553 twenty-five years ago. He graduated from the Local's JATC program in 1999 and since, has been an instructor with the JATC for twelve years. Rob has held the position of Treasurer for the Local for eight years. In 2016 Rob was haired to be the Assistant Business Manager. Rob won buy popular vote in 2019 the Business Manager position, 2019 Has been a banner year for 553 at half a million man-hours. This hasn't been done for 20 years Rob lives in Hillsborough with his daughter and wife, Rebecca Axford. Rebecca is the Training Director of our Local's JATC. When not at work, Rob likes to spend time in the woods behind his house, BBQ, and scuba dive when visiting family in the Florida Keys. Rob's family is the most important part of his life and he loves to travel with them on road trips to the NC mountains and to the sea. Additional positions of interest. VP representing the IBEW for NC AFL-CIO Trustee of the Board of Trustees of Carolina Electrical Workers Retirement Fund VP on the Capital Work Force Development Board Trustee on the JATC