IBEW electricians have scary experience on the job!

While working on a Bank of America location in Hope Mills, NC, on November 10th, some of our electricians had a harrowing experience. Journeymen Bill Nicholas, Foreman Dan Campoli, and Apprentices Cutler Respess, Matt McComas, and Drew Revis were quietly doing electrical work, not expecting what was about to transpire. Bill, Matt, and Cutler were working outside, and Drew and Dan were working in one of the carport sections of the bank, with Drew in the carport access hatch, where he had a limited view of the interior of the bank.

Dan Campoli left the area for a couple minutes, and what he came back to was a different bank entirely! In his absence, a bank robber entered the bank, gun drawn, and fired a shot into the air. As Dan Campoli spoke of Drew’s account to him, at first Drew “thought it was an electrical short!” The bullet passed through the roof about 20 feet away. Drew then realized, looking from the hatch into the bank interior, that the robber had put a gun to someone’s back and demanded money. Bill called 911, upon hearing the shot. The robber walked out of the bank with money.

The job site was soon surrounded by Hope Mills Police, Fayetteville Police, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s department, and the FBI. Dan and the rest of the guys were thankful that they were okay. “If that bullet had hit someone, things would have gone south real fast. The whole thing played out in 2 minutes!” Dan recounted. According to the Hope Mills Police department, the suspect in the robbery is still at large, and they are still investigating the incident as of this writing. As Dan Campoli said, “It’s not every day you encounter a robbery on the job!”

The guys on the job site during the aftermath: shaken, but not stirred.

The guys on the job site during the aftermath: shaken, but undetered. Left to right: Matt McComas, Cutler Respess, Drew Revis, Bill Nicholas.  (not pictured: Dan Campoli)

Changes coming to all NECA Family Medical Care Insurance Plans in 2017


Attention all IBEW-affiliated members, workers, families, and retirees covered under the NECA-IBEW Family Medical Care Plan! Big changes are in store for the year 2017, and changes to coverage and benefits will affect ALL insurance plans. Please visit the “benefits information” tab here on our website and select which plan you have – the single plan covering apprentices, CEs and CWs, the family plan, or the retiree plan (for retired members) – to see how these changes affect you. Included there are summaries of each individual plan, a summary of changes to all plans, and a glossary that defines any unfamiliar terminology you may come across.

AFL-CIO starts largest labor union voter mobilization effort in NC history


Starting back in September, the AFL-CIO began a new initiative to get union members out to the polls to vote their conscience, hopefully for union-backed candidates. The heated races for Governor, Senator, and President make this election year especially important, and with North Carolina’s new status as a “swing state”, the races are closer than ever and could truly go either way at this point.

With NC’s new position as a tier 1 state, meaning that competition is rife on the electoral stage, a large amount of money will be flowing in to fund Candidates, as well as educate, and mobilize voters. Large amounts of outside donated money, PACs and SuperPACs, and 100 Full-time organizers on the AFL-CIO’s behalf are at the forefront of the campaign. Volunteers are doing their part by phone banking, knocking on doors, and having honest conversations. North Carolina AFL-CIO boss MaryBe McMillan stated that the changes “Will help us build a better mobilization structure so that we can hopefully, eventually, change some of the anti-union and anti-worker laws that we have in this state,” The AFL-CIO has also sent a team of lawyers and poll monitors to ensure that polling goes smoothly and swiftly across the state.

Traditionally, The AFL-CIO encouraged only union members to vote, but with the stakes higher than ever, they hope that people who are not union members can be swayed during the campaign. She notes,”We’ve traditionally just done a member-to-member program, so union members calling other union members and knocking on other union members’ doors, and that’s still our primary focus, but because of these additional resources we can also knock on the doors of the general public as well,”

The initiative is also serving another purpose: not just getting folks out to vote, but also building bridges and making friends in a state that is not always union-friendly. McMillan says,”Hopefully by knocking on the general public’s doors, folks will be able to see that union members aren’t these scary thugs and mobsters. We’re their neighbors, we’re the folks that deliver the mail and put out the fires. We’re average, everyday people who are just looking to build better lives for ourselves and our families.”

Read More:http://clclt.com/charlotte/union-members-launch-largest-organized-labor-mobilization-in-state-history/Content?oid=3803803