About Local 553

Established in 1934, IBEW Local Union 553 has made a continuous impact on the electrical industry in the north-central and northeastern parts of North Carolina for over 80 years.

Electrical unions and the fine electricians who make up the membership of unions contribute daily to the growth and well-being of all members of society. We all depend upon electricity 24/7… without electricity, our way of life would be severely compromised. Electricians work daily to maintain our electrical grid, make repairs after outages, maintain electrical functions in industrial manufacturing facilities, and install all electrical components in new construction.

The leaders, officers and staff, of Local 553 work hard to support our members, our pre-members and our contractors. In our own work we subscribe to the “Objects” of the IBEW… some of which are:

  • promote reasonable methods of work
  • cultivate feelings of friendship among those of our industry
  • assist each other in sickness or distress
  • secure adequate pay for our work
  • seek a higher standard of living
  • seek security for the individual.

Learn more about IBEW Local Union 553… read about the history of our local, our officers, staff, principles, code of excellence and the rights of workers. Contact us through the contact page or give us a call. We will be happy to assist you in any way that we are able.

Inside Construction Jurisdiction of Local 553

Inside Construction Jurisdiction of Local 553- From Hertford to Hoke, 553 is representing you!