Solidarity for Sister Colleen

Dear Valued Brothers and Sisters,
As members of the IBEW, we all swore to uphold the Objects of the Constitution. Right now is the time for us to display the true meaning of Brotherhood by supporting one of our own in her time of distress.
To those who aren’t yet aware, Colleen McNamara, 2nd Year Apprentice and IBEW Local 553 Sister, was severely injured on the job in Charleston, SC after falling approximately 12 feet. Her right side took most of the damage, including a fractured eye socket, many broken ribs, wrist, and pelvis. She hit her head on the concrete floor very hard and has cranial bleeding, confusion and speech difficulty. Fortunately, she’s expected to recover, but has several months of recovery ahead of her.
While she has some of the best benefits in the country, she will still need help with her living expenses while she recovers. Colleen is a very active member of Local 553 and of our RENEW Committee, and now we want to rally behind her in her time of need.
If you feel inclined to support Colleen financially during her long recovery process, please do so using the following link to make donations to a GoFundMe account managed by Colleen’s family. Please, feel free to share the link with all your friends and family.
Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Sister Colleen.
Fraternally Yours,
-Steve Baker, Vice President IBEW Local 553