IBEW 553 JATC Apprentices Place in Top 10 at Statewide Competition

On October 21st, 2015, a statewide competition was held on the State fairgrounds for Electrical Apprentices to test their knowledge and skills on various aspects of the trade, from conduit bending, to electrical code, circuitry, safety, motor controls, and more. Raleigh-Durham JATC Apprentices David Millem (3rd year), Nick Roose (3rd year), Brandon Wesley (3rd year), Saran Phuong (4th year), Terry Welden (3rd year), and Zach Stalls (5th year) were among those who vied for victory in a competitive field. Two of Raleigh-Durham’s JATC Apprentices placed in the top 10: in 7th place, Terry Welden, and in a very strong second place finish, was 5th year Zach Stalls. Congrats to all of our competing JATC apprentices! Hard work, dedication, craftsmanship, and pride in labor were exemplified by all of our apprentices, and it truly showed. We want to thank our JATC instructors, staff, committee members, and contractors, whose passion for education and training never ceases and makes this all possible. A special thanks to Steve Baker, Albert Beall, and Josh Nixon for their volunteerism and support with assisting with our hospitality table, setting up, and taking photos to ensure the competition was a memorable one.