Coronavirus Update

Hello 553  

The Hall is working to keep everyone working safely and as much as possible. In support of the need to flatten the coronavirus contagion curve, we at the Hall are temporarily implementing a progressive work-from-home policy for 553 staff. We are well-equipped technologically and operationally.

Please at this time call in, and we’ll work to resolve questions over the phone.

During this time 553 will take an over the phone sign in for our out of work books. Call Jesse at 984-243-7340 to sign in. For a dues payment please call Betsy at 919-475-1402.  Please phone in to make a dues payment.

Please consider all the news and information we’re hearing about relating to this global virus pandemic. Increase public persons proximity to yourself to avoid exposure (AKA Social Distancing) and following the important hygiene guidelines we’re now hearing so regularly are important to adhere to. Yes, we work near each other, but apply these methods as much as possible.

553 please take care of yourselves. Wash your hands as much as possible in public spaces. I’d like to think we can be in control of how we are exposed to this virus. Now the virus is in immediate areas around us, so stay vigilant!

Persons with the corona virus are quarantined, but the virus can remain on surfaces and be transmitted by touch and then touching your face. Of course, a person with the virus may not show symptoms, so please use the proximity method we’re hearing about and wash your hands regularly.

On another note a happy note, 553 finally broke 500,000 man hours in 21 years of reporting, hooray!!! Back in 1999 & 2000 we were over 400,000 man hours but then got stuck in the 100’s for 10 years, and have broke out of the 200’s twice in the last 7 years … so this is a big achievement!! Thank you 553.

553, I hope you and your family are not affected in any way by this virus. please call me with any questions.
BM Rob Axford 919-323-5570 

Hello 553

Here is Union endorsed candidates all have been interviewed from Locals in NC and asked if they would support Organized Labor and our Local Unions. They all said YES THEY WOULD.